Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Is it only Tuesday?

Oh my word! Today has been one of those days. You know one of those days you wake up 2 hours before the alarm goes off, WIDE AWAKE... than decide to go back to sleep and when the alarm actually goes off you are so exhausted that you feel you can't even get up??? THAT is where my day began and has continued that way, all day since!! Teething has made for a very grumpy little one and mommy! Not to mention miss Steph has been a bear today as well because she is "too tired to nap." Caleb and Hannah have been at it all day of coarse, nothing out of the ordinary. I tell you though listening to them when they don't know I am listening is very entertaining. One of the many conversations I overheard today that made me giggle, went a little something like this :

Setting: backyard while playing "school" Caleb came in to the game late and wanted to change it all.

Caleb:(to Hannah, about steph (the student)) Ask her what she'd like more a teacher, or..( brief pause) an AVATAR!

Hannah : (to Steph) Which would you like more, a teacher or an avatar?

Steph:(to avoid confrontation) An avatar AND a teacher

Hannah:(very matter of factly to caleb) By the way Caleb , "Your FIRED!"

HAHAHAH ok, maybe you had to be there. Really though, who needs to leave the house when you have entertainment like this? On another note, kids had boring mac and cheese today so no fun bento pic for today. I will leave you with their cute hodgepodge bento from yesterdays lunch.

Hodgepodge Bento lunch

Have a super night all! Gotta make a plan for dinner and cart all the kiddos to the store. Oh the fun that lies ahead for me tonight!!


  1. Okay, I have to say, the bento things are adorable! What is the whole concept behind them? I'm sure they make lunch fun, but is there anything else? Where do I find them?

  2. I have supplies for sale!! check out my flickr pics under supplies. I currently only have all the checkered sets available (green, yellow and pink). AS for the point of them , they are just super fun to make and eat!! All my kiddos love them , even gracie!!

  3. Very cute lunches! I'm glad you linked up this week. :o)