Monday, July 5, 2010

Oh the Joys of Mommyhood and Summer time!

So here it is Noon and I have already changed 3 diapers and 4 outfits on miss Grace! She has insisted on being a fashion diva today and has decided all of her clothes look much better soaked from the hose in the backyard or covered in juice from her popsicle. Should make for an interesting day. Kids are already starting on how bored they are and that 69 degrees is plenty warm to set up the pool! On another note, I have been stalking all my favorite blogs today and have already planned almost all of my allowance for this month in just a matter of minutes ;) Today's must haves:

Dr.Sears Nibble Tray
Easy Lunchboxes
Zoku Posicle Maker
101 Gourmet Cupcakes in 10 Minutes Cookbook
Cricut Cake

so that is my list so far. My little monsters are beckoning once again and I must whip up some lunch and put one down for a nap. Until I get another free minute...


  1. How cool is that Cricut Cake?! You totally crack me up with your allowance, that is exactly how I am, LOL. And Grace is too hilarious! Oh man, I WISH it was 69 degrees here... we are burnin up, lol. Enjoy that fabulous weather! You rock Emilie!

  2. I know! I totally want one!! How much cooler could I make my awesome cupcakes with that! Us mommas have to have allowances to stay sane :)